How To Measure Your Websites Performance

Your website can be more than an online business card. It can be a tool for lead nurturing, building your brand, managing customers, finding new vendors, and so much more. But how do you know if it does any of those things? How do you measure the success of your digital efforts? The answer is surprisingly simple!

General Performance & User Behavior

The most important part of measuring your website’s performance is understanding Analytics. Make sure you have Google Analytics or a similar software setup on your website. Google Analytics is usually very easy and cheap to add to most websites.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool which can measure engagement and monitor user behavior on your website. When combined with custom event tracking and conversion goals you can also calculate conversions & determine ROI (return on investment).

Another wonderful tool for monitoring user behavior is HotJar. HotJar offers website heatmaps, user behavior screen recordings, and all sorts of other goodies. A heat map will show you where your users move their mouse on your screen, what’s being clicked on, and even how far down the people are scrolling.

By monitoring data on Google Analytics and HotJar you can fairly accurately gauge how your website is performing for your business.

Page Speed Performance

Many studies have shown that website page speed has a direct link to conversions & revenue. But how do you know how efficient your website really runs? For that we recommend using two simple tools: Pagespeed Insights and GTMetrix. Both of these wonderful (free) services will allow you to run a performance report on your website. Both of them also provide guidance for how to resolve known performance issues that they detect.

Marketing Dashboard Software

There’s a lot of different possible sources of data which can come together to determine website performance. Having a marketing dashboard that consolidates this information into one place and allows you to quickly view changes month over month or year over year is an incredibly powerful tool. While there are some free services like Google’s Data Studio out there we recommend using DashThis. They offer a diverse selection of integrations, custom reporting, and a competitive price point.

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