Seasonal Website Tips – Add a Contest or Raffle To Your Website

Contests and raffles can be great ways to engage customers year round but seem to be especially well received around holidays and special occasions. Good news: they are incredibly easy to add to your website!

How To Do It

  1. Identify the value / motivation for your customer to participate. Many businesses offer contests or raffles which offer cash or product prizes. Some businesses will offer awards or recognition. Regardless of what you do the first step is always to figure out what will motivate your customers.

    Here are some ideas to consider:
    – Prize packages for first/second/third place
    – Product giveaways
    – Company-branded merchandise giveaway
    – first place wins a brand new OurCompany Inc Leather Jacket
    – Free subscriptions to your service
    – If you’re a B2B business maybe “featured ad-space in our news-letter for 6 months”

  2. Make a plan to reach your customers and maximize your event exposure. You can do more than just post on your website. For little to no investment you can promote your event through your website, social media, email lists, and even in your store front. Something as simple as printing a flyer to put on your business’s front door helps enormously.

    Once you know how you’re going to reach your customers you should spend a little time thinking through how to follow up with them. Once the event is over and there’s a winner you can post follow-ups congratulating the winner(s) on your website, blog, and social media. Showing the rest of your customers that real people win real prizes will help drive the effectiveness of future events!

  3. Set something up for event registration. We recommend updating your homepage to have an event-specific call to action which links to a more detailed signup form for the event. You’ll want to collect some proprietary information such as Name, Phone Number, Age, and Email Address about your customers.

    If you have a WordPress website this information can easily be gathered through something like WPForms. For non WordPress websites you can use Google Forms or any number of other similar services.

  4. Select the winners. You might be wondering how to select the winners of an online raffle without any raffle tickets.

    Here are a few recommendations:
    – Look at the total number of contestants, lookup a ‘random number generator’ on Google, and use that to select the winners.
    – Write down their names on pieces of paper, put them in a bowl, and draw one.

    Once the winners are selected make sure to reach out and let them know so they can collect their prizes. This is a great opportunity to also request a picture of them and their prizes. This is also a great time to have them sign a multimedia release form so you can use their photos on social-media as well as any other legal documents your lawyer may recommend.

How Much It Costs

Most of the costs associated with contests & raffles aren’t technical costs to marketing or development companies like ours. Your expenses for this will probably look along the lines of these:

  • Your time to plan and manage the steps outlined above
  • The cost of any prize(s) or reward(s) offered
  • Strongly recommended – legal consulting to draw up something to limit your businesses liability and allow usage of customer photos on social media.
  • Optional – flyers or mailer promotionals to hand out to customers
  • Optional – banner, flyer, or other marketing materials for tradeshows & store-fronts.

Once you have the details worked out adding the contest onto your website is usually inexpensive. Most developers can create a new promotional page, install some sort of contact-form to capture applicants, and adjust your website’s homepage in 2-8 hours of time.

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