Seasonal Website Tips – Add Holiday Messaging & Promotions To Your Website

Connecting with your customers can be as simple as adding seasonal messages to your website. This can be easily accomplished with many websites through creating a modal pop-up window, adding a top (or bottom) promotional bar to your website, or editing the hero section of your landing pages.

These messages can include promotional offers (ex 50% off for Black Friday) or can be a simple “Happy Thanksgiving from YourCompany, Inc!”. Use imagery, typography, and color to add a bit of flare to your message.

Most small-business websites don’t do anything special with their websites for the holidays; those who do stand out from the crowd!

How to do it & how much it might cost

  1. Use a third-party service like Through adding some simple JavaScript code to your website you can easily use a third-party interface to configure it. For higher-traffic websites this will cost $15 – $50 per month for the service plus whatever time it takes you to write your promotional messages. Implementing their service on your website shouldn’t take more than an hour for most websites.

  2. WordPress Only – Use a plugin like Sumome to create your messages. The plugin is free so the only costs should be those of installing the plugin and entering your promotionals.

  3. Use Google to search sites like Codepen & CSS-Tricks for examples. Often you’ll find reusable code-snippets for modal windows, promotional messages, and many other things. These can be adapted for your use and added onto your website manually. We only recommend this for custom websites because the other options are generally more cost effective solutions. Going this route is much like paying a developer to build something from scratch. If you’re code-savvy you can do it yourself and your only cost will be your time. If you want to pay someone else you should plan to pay a professional for 2 – 10 hours of their time per promotional offer.

How much we usually charge

For $200-300 we handle setting up one of these solutions for you! Generally this includes all of the following:

  • Installation & configuration of whatever solution you want
  • Adding your seasonal messages
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Seasonal messaging schedule – our recommendations for when you should post additional offerings
  • Training – in addition to doing the initial setup for you we’ll also train your staff so you can do it yourself moving forward!

A quick note about how to implement these ideas & their corresponding costs:
Every website is different. The exact cost and implementation methods used will vary from website to website. The information in this article is meant to serve as guidelines – not as a final quote or estimate. We believe having an idea of how expensive something should be will help to ensure you receive fair-priced services no matter who you choose to do business with.

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