Seasonal Website Tips – Tips & Tricks to Maximize ROI

You might be wondering where the ROI is for investing in website animations. Sure they look cool – but how do they make you money? The answer is simple. These special effects help “set the mood” and connect with your customers. By identifying with your customers you increase the probability of them purchasing your products and services. In a nutshell this is why most major businesses decorate their storefronts for every single holiday! With this in mind here are a few tips & tricks to help you maximize your success.

  1. Know your customers. Christmas is a great example of where this is important. It’s estimated that 65% of the population in the US identifies as Christian. Another 26% of the US doesn’t identify as religious, 3.1% identifies as atheist, and around 6% identify as Muslims, Buddahists, and Jewish. Because nearly two-thirds of the US population is Christian – Christmas is a good holiday for businesses to focus on. However if you run a party-planning business and you do a ton of Bat Mitzvahs then it makes better sense to focus your promotional efforts on Hanukkah.

    Even if you’re a bible production company who’s audience might be exclusively Christian you should account for the culturally sensitive times we live in. Regardless of what path you choose make sure you know who your customers are so you can gauge how they’ll respond to your efforts.

  2. Add a countdown. We’ve all seen those Black Friday banners which count down until the sale ends right? Tons of businesses create those every year – because they work.Countdowns build urgency and drive conversions. They’re also incredibly easy to create and add to your website.There are some countdowns which are more complex to create but many professional developers can design, build, and implement a countdown in as little as an hour or two.

  3. Don’t overdo it! Do you know Martha? Martha starts wearing her ugly Christmas sweater in mid-October. Not only do her Christmas decorations go up before Halloween – they’re also so bright that you can see paint chipping on the house three doors down. While many might commend Martha’s holiday spirit, many others will be annoyed by the overzealousness of it. As Plautus said – moderation in all things is the best policy.

  4. Make sure your messaging is consistent. Have you ever clicked an advertisement which says “Just $19.999!” only to go to the website and find it’s actually $29.99? Perhaps a better question – after you saw the mismatched price, how long did it take you to close the website? While pricing is a great example it isn’t the only form of mismatched messaging. Make sure that the marketing materials and messaging are consistent throughout your entire brand. If you develop a special holiday logo for social media then add it to your website. If you run a print campaign for the 4th of July directing people to your website then make sure your website has a special 4th of July banner on it styles similar to whatever you mailed your customer.

    Message and brand consistency isn’t about any one thing; it’s about all of the different things that form your marketing put together. In every place your business exists – flyers, business cards, social media, email campaigns, your website, EVERYWHERE – make sure your brand communicates the same message.

    Make sure the colors, fonts, logos, messaging, and all other things your customers will encounter are all consistent. Not only will you avoid the angry price-mismatched customers but you’ll create memorable associations between your marketing and your customers!

  5. Add a “kill switch”. There’s no sure way to be certain marketing ideas will work. Sometimes marketing is wildly successful – other times efforts fail miserably and leave us questioning our life choices. For those “other times” having a kill switch can be highly beneficial. Imagine you’re running a special sale on one of your products – but overnight your inventory completely runs out. The advertisements are still up and getting tons of traffic, prospective customers are calling your store frustrated, and you’re stuck in the middle. Wouldn’t it be nice to push a button and make it all go away?

    You can add kill-switches onto most of your website with simple conditional logic. Automatically disable your black-friday advertisements if “site-owner says so” OR “today’s date is after Black Friday”.

    If you aren’t sure where to start then just copy & paste that last paragraph to your local web developer or marketing director.

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