Pagespeed Optimization

Did you know Walmart found for every 1 second improvement of load time their websites conversions increased by 2%? Many other companies have seen similar results! COOK for instance boosted conversions by 7% by shaving 0.85 seconds off their load time! At Amplify Web Solutions our developers are experts at Pagespeed Optimization. We specialize in making lightning fast high performing websites.

WordPress Pagespeed Optimization.

WordPress is nortorious for having performance issues but our staff can make your WordPress website load like a static HTML site. Want proof? Just run our website through and see the results for yourself!

Custom solutions for custom websites.

Custom websites require custom solutions. Our team uses a variety of tools such as Webpack, Grunt, and AWS S3/CloudFront to create unique optimization solutions for any website. Let us help you leverage content distribution networks, resource concatenation & minification technologies, and automated optimization techniques to maximize the performance of your website or application. 

Performance monitoring & continual improvement.

We don’t leave you once you r website is optimized. Our performance monitoring & continual improvement services will ensure your website stays lightning fast for years to come. You can sleep peacefully knowing our staff is always monitoring your websites to ensure optimal performance!

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